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About NTNU Online

We look forward to sharing knowledge and enriching lives through flexible teaching.

NTNU Campus Online was founded in 2016 and began operating in June 2017. As higher education develops towards globalization and online learning, NTNU is gradually shifting focus from its nearly century-long specialty of first-class teacher training to diverse interdisciplinary programs. In keeping with the times and technological innovation, we spare no effort in applying our expertise to create online programs, hoping to share our knowledge with the public and push forward your career through personalized, flexible learning, an outstanding faculty, and top-notch courses.

Online MA Program in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Cultivate international Mandarin-speaking talents with a high command of Mandarin Chinese and cross-cultural communication skills, including outstanding Mandarin instructors, Mandarin educational researchers, and Mandarin education managers in Taiwan and the world.

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Online Continuing Education Master's Program of Library and Information Studies

Cultivate managers and academic researchers that specialize in knowledge-based services and study the preservation, organization, enhancement, transmission, and management of knowledge to create value-added knowledge-user experiences in a knowledge-based economy.

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Online Continuing Education Master’s Program of Technical and Vocational Education

Train teachers and administrators for vocational schools and vocational training institutions, as well as talents in vocational education R&D, with a focus on balancing theory and practice to strengthen students’ professional competence.

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Develop and strengthen research on interdisciplinary science education of the natural, social, and cultural domains; integrate e-learning research fields; establish education models to train top-notch math and science teachers; and help middle school math and science teachers with preparing interdisciplinary courses and teaching research.

Under preparation. Program expected to officially start in 2023 (academic year 2023-2024)

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