Staff and Responsibilities

Wang, Ya-Ling

Associate Professor of Department of Adult & Continuing Education(Distinguished Professor)
+886-2-7749-5501(NTNU Online) / 3815(Lab)
Substitute:Chen, Hui-Chun

– Manage affairs of NTNU Online

Chen, Hui-Chun

Division Head
Substitute: Yen, Juo-Hsiang

– Help superiors establish relevant policies, make plans, and offer suggestions
– Manage affairs of NTNU Online

Yen, Juo-Hsiang

Administrative Assistant
Substitute: Jhao, Yi-Shiang

– Make necessary contacts and gather information for meetings and conferences
– Manage registration/sending/receiving of documents
– Provide technical support for synchronous/asynchronous online courses
– Manage licensing of online course creation software

Jhao, Yi-Shiang

Administrative Assistant
Substitute: Yen, Juo-Hsiang

– Project-based learning (PBL) classroom, recording studio, and equipment management
– Online course filming, editing, and post-production
– Online course video compilation, storage, and management
– OpenCourseWare (OCW) platform management

Chang, Chia-Chi

Senior Staff
Substitute: Chen, Chia-Yu

– Online course curriculum plans
– EMI online courses material subsidy and KPI
– Global Virtual Classroom subsidy and KPI
– Online course curriculum design and intellectual property consultation

Wang, Li-Chi

Senior Staff
Substitute: Chang, Chia-Chi

– Submission of online degree programs for approval and online course certification by the Ministry of Education
–Online course surveys and evaluation
– Moodle e-learning platform technical support
– Online course availability and statistics

Chen, Chia-Yu

Project Assistant
Substitute: Wang,Li-Chi

– Handle matters related to Moodle e-learning platform(system management, technical support and workshop)
– Assist in the planning and course operation of online degree program
– Planning and management of digital teaching knowledge and ability study

Hsu, Chen-Yi

Project Assistant
Substitute: Lai, Yu-Juan

– Coordinate matters related to Taiwan Online Campus
– Assist in online degree programs poster production and marketing
– Assist in licensing of Google Meet (advanced version)
– Moodle e-learning platform technical support

Lai, Yu-Juan

Project Assistant
Substitute: Hsu, Chen-Yi

– Manage licensing of Google Meet (advanced version)
– System maintenance and management of the integrated examination and recruitment platform for overseas students
– Assist in managing project-based learning (PBL) classrooms and e-learning software
– Moodle e-learning platform technical support