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By transforming the learning experience, we are helping more people break through the limits of time and space, and allowing them to learn and improve their skills with great freedom. By taking online classes, you will be able to get the same academic certificate as students in physical classrooms. We will continue to promote our fields of expertise to provide you with the most enriching, high-quality online programs.

Online Programs from NTNU: Online Master’s Program in Special Education for Working Professionals is under preparation, so stay tuned!

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Online Continuing Education Master’s Program of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language


Cultivate international Mandarin-speaking talents and outstanding Mandarin teachers with a high command of Mandarin Chinese and cross-cultural communication skills.

Online Continuing Education Master’s Program of Library and Information Studies


Cultivate managers and academic researchers that specialize in knowledge-based services and study the preservation, organization, enhancement, transmission, and management of knowledge to create value-added knowledge-user experiences in a knowledge-based economy.

Online Continuing Education Master’s Program of Technical and Vocational Education


Cultivating education administrators and educators who specialize in administration, academic research, teaching, and education promotion; furthermore, supporting outstanding staff of companies to improve their knowledge of human resource development.