Operating Model and Learning Experience

e-Learning: Access classes with a few simple clicks!

Comprehensive online courses and interactive platforms to give you the highest-quality learning experience!

Synchronous Courses

Real-time interactions like you’re in a physical classroom.

Communicate face-to-face with your teacher and classmates through real-time video calls.

Asynchronous Courses

Learn at your own pace!

Designate your own study hours. Simply log into our Moodle e-learning platform to access learning resources anytime, anywhere.

Moodle e-learning platform

Moodle is your classroom outside of classrooms.

In Moodle, you will find resources and learning activities like your teacher’s course outline, curriculum schedule, learning materials, assignment guide, online discussion board, and online tests. Make progress according to your teacher’s carefully designed curriculum!

Easy learning at your fingertips

Depending on the course model, online courses are mainly divided into two categories: synchronous and asynchronous. In synchronous courses, you will participate in livestreamed classes, and interact with teachers and classmates through video-web communication, as if you’re in a physical classroom. In asynchronous courses, you can view pre-recorded videos and course materials from our e-learning platform, allowing you to arrange your own learning schedule and achieve work-life balance.

The NTNU Moodle e-learning platform is a one-stop place for you to view carefully prepared course materials, allowing you to learn in a more personalized and flexible way, get your degree, and achieve your dreams.

All you need are:

  • a mobile device or computer
  • headphones/microphone

Then you’re all set for class!


Synchronous courses

Attend class through cloud meeting software and interact with teachers and classmates in real-time!


Simply click on the course link to log into your online classroom!


Class is in session!
You can communicate with your teacher and classmates online to share ideas and learn together.
Real-time video calls come with many interactive functions to improve your learning efficiency.

Asynchronous courses

Learn at your own pace by watching pre-recorded classes on NTNU Moodle e-learning platform!

  • Step1.

    Simply click into the Moodle e-learning platform, log in, and you’re in the classroom!

  • Step2.

    You can make posts, interact with others, or share your ideas:
    1. Watch pre-recorded classes

  • 2. Read/Download course materials

  • 3. Post in discussion boards
    4. Reply to classmates’ comments
    5. Message teachers

  • 6. Hand in assignments/reports

  • 7. Online quizzes