How to launch an online course?

I、Want to operate and design an online course?

         NTNU Online can give you a hand.

When over 1/2 of a course is taught online through synchronous or asynchronous classes, it must undergo review according to relevant laws and regulations.

II、Review Process of Online Courses

Class Preparation
(at least one semester before launching the course)

  1. Reach a consensus with the course organizing unit
  2. Design your online courses
  3. Fill in the application forms:
        • Online Course Teaching Plan
        • Online Course Copyright Affidavit
  4. The course organizing unit shall submit the Online Course Teaching Plan and Online Course Copyright Affidavit mentioned above to NTNU Online. 


    • Online courses that pass NTNU's review are valid for 5 years. Courses that have exceeded the time limit or undergone major changes that affect over 30% of curriculum content shall undergo the application process again.
 Documents Download
  1. Online Course Teaching Plan
  2. Online Course Copyright Affidavit

Lead in Class

  1. Course is offered in the semester and the instructor must teach the course according to the Online Course Teaching Plan
  2. Mid-term and end-of-term surveys(course feedback survey)

After-Class Evaluation
(within one month after the course ends)

  • After offering and completing an online course for the first time, the course instructor must complete an Online Course Self-Evaluation Form (including documentation) within one month after the course ends.
  • The review results can serve as a reference for the course instructor to improve implementation of the course in the future and for the course organizing unit to evaluate the viability to continue offering the course.

  •  Documents Download:
    •    ▪Online Course Self-Evaluation Form

National Taiwan Normal University Online Course Review Process

Have any question about online courses?

Please refer to「NTNU Online Course Launch and Design Q&A」!

III、Incentives Application for Global Virtual Classroom Courses


Definition of Global Virtual Classroom Courses:
Distance learning courses taught by NTNU faculty and teachers of overseas partner institutions. The courses’ learning approach emphasizes interactive discussions, exchange of ideas, and cooperative learning between teachers and students to provide a joint learning experience for NTNU and overseas students.



NT$10,000 if 3 joint distance learning sessions are completed. NT$20,000 if 6 joint distance learning sessions are completed.

Scope of Incentives

Global Virtual Classroom Courses.

Target recipients of Incentives

NTNU faculty members.
However, language learning courses, individual instructional courses, and seminars are not applicable.

Application Method

NTNU Online will accept completed applications for review from now until April 28, 2023.

IV、Subsidy Application for Online EMI Courses

Scope of Subsidy

Online EMI courses

Amount of Subsidy


Subsidized Categories

Course material-related fees

Application Method

NTNU Online will accept completed applications for review.(Fall semester: September to October; Spring semester: February to March)

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