Curriculum Design & Regulations

Want to operate and design an online course? NTNU Campus Online can give you a hand.

When over 1/2 of a course is taught online through synchronous or asynchronous classes, it must undergo review according to relevant laws and regulations. NTNU Campus Online will provide professional advice on the lesson plan you submit.

Offline classes and online classes differ in medium and interactions. We will guide you step-by-step to help you design your online courses and become familiar with course management, teaching strategies, and grading so that you can deliver online courses with the same excellent quality as your physical classes.

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Class Preparation

  • Become familiar with the virtual classroom environment
    • Try and familiarize yourself with different functions on the Moodle platform
    • Organize course-related information
    • Contact your teaching assistant to communicate on how you’ll work
  • Establish strategies for teaching online courses
    • Analyze students’ backgrounds and professional fields
    • Establish a way to assess learning progress

Lead in Class

  • Lead classes remotely
    • Provide online learning assistance
    • Guide students and foster discussion
    • Encourage students and check on their progress
  • Tools

After-Class Evaluation

  • Summary of online course results
    • Mid-term and end-of-term surveys (course feedback survey)

Regulations & Documents Download

National Taiwan Normal University Online Course Review Process

(Announced on 108.11)

National Taiwan Normal University Online Course Review Guidelines

(Announced on 108.10.30)

Attachments Download

Appendix 1

Online Course Teaching Plan

Appendix 2

Online Course Copyright Affidavit

Appendix 4

Online Course Evaluation Form

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